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The Fall of the House of Fifa


Autor/es: Conn, David  

Publicación: 2017 - Vintage Publishing - hard-back

Formato: 16,2 x 24

Lengua: ingles

Nº de Páginas: 336

ISBN: 9780224100441

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  Fifa was founded in 1904 to unite the football-playing world, its first congress stating that 'no person should be allowed to arrange matches for personal profit'. A little over a century later, a judge in a Brooklyn courtroom called Fifa a 'Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organisation (RICO) enterprise' - a term originally coined for the mafia.As dazzling World Cups captivated billions around the world Fifa became a commercial magnet, money pouring into its coffers. Its earnest foundations began to crumble as those entrusted with the sport wanted their share. For forty years Joao Havelange and then Sepp Blatter presided over a Fifa now plagued with scandal - dawn raids, FBI investigations, allegations of money laundering, industrial-scale bribery, racketeering, tax evasion, vote-buying and theft that now came to define the organisation whose purpose is to foster international cooperation and nurture the spirit of this simple, beautiful game.David Conn, football's most respected investigative journalist, chronicles the extraordinary history and staggering scale of corruption, paints revealing portraits of the men at the centre of Fifa - the power brokers, the indicted, the legends like Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini - and puts the allegations to Blatter himself in an extended interview. The Fall of the House of Fifa is the definitive story of Fifa's rise and the most spectacular fall sport has ever seen

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    1. Conn, David


      David Conn writes for the Guardian about sport, the Hillsborough disaster, football's outsized relationship with money, Fifa, Brexit and other issues. His latest book is The Fall of the House of Fifa.