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The Game of Our Lives

The Meaning and Making of English Football

Autor/es: Goldblatt, David  

Publicación: 2015-Penguin

Formato: 12,5x13

Lengua: English

Nº de Páginas: 400

ISBN: 978-0241955260

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 In the last two decades football in Britain has made the transition from a peripheral dying sport to the very centre of our popular culture, from an economic basket-case to a booming entertainment industry. What does it mean when football becomes so central to our private and political lives? Has it enriched us or impoverished us?

In this sparkling book David Goldblatt argues that no social phenomenon tracks the momentous economic, social and political changes of the post-Thatcherite era in a more illuminating manner than football, and no cultural practice sheds more light on the aspirations and attitudes of our long boom and now calamitous bust. A must-read for the thinking football fan, The Game of Our Lives will appeal to readers of Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson. It will also be relished by readers of British social history such as Austerity Britain by David Kynaston.

'Brilliantly incisive. Goldblatt is not merely the best football historian writing today, he is possibly the best there has ever been. Goldblatt's book could hardly be more impressive' Sunday Times

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    1. Goldblatt, David


       David Goldblatt (born 26 September 1965, London) is a sports writer, broadcaster, sociologist, journalist and author. Among his books are The Games: A Global History of the Olympics, The Game of Our Lives: The Meaning and Making of English Football, Futebol Nation: A Footballing History of Brazil, and The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Football (described as the "seminal football history" by Simon Kuper).

      Goldblatt taught sociology of sport at Bristol University and Pitzer College. He was initially a medical student but later studied for a sociology degree. 

      In 2010, he produced an audio documentary for the BBC entitled The Power and the Passion.