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The Story of German Football

Autor/es: Lichtenberger, Ulrich Hesse  

Publicación: 2013 - WSC Books Limited

Formato: 12,5x13

Lengua: Ingles

Nº de Páginas: 319

ISBN: 978-0956101136

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  Germany did not have professional players or a national league until the 1960s, yet it became one of the most successful football nations in the world. Tor! (Goal!) traces the extraordinary story of Germany's club and international football, from the days when it was regarded as a dangerously foreign pastime, through the horrors of the Nazi years to postwar triumphs and the crisis of the new century. Tor! challenges the myth that German football is predictable or efficient and brings to life the fascinating array of characters who shaped it: the betrayed pioneer Walther Bensemann; the enigmatic genius Sepp Herberger; the all-conquering Franz Beckenbauer; the modern misfit Lothar Matthäus. And even the radio commentator Herbert Zimmermann, whose ecstatic cries of Tor! greeted the winning goal in the 1954 World Cup final and helped change a whole nation s view of itself. This new edition brings events up to date, examining the effect that hosting the 2006 World Cup had on the country, and how German club football has become the most talked-about in Europe, culminating in the 2013 Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

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    1. Lichtenberger, Ulrich Hesse


      He graduated from Bochum University in 1994, having written his M.A. thesis about baseball.[1] He has covered popular music for fanzines and magazines, such as the German edition of Rolling Stone,[2] but primarily writes about sports, predominantly (association) football.

      Hesse has published articles in newspapers and magazines in a variety of countries, including England, United States, Sweden, Japan and Israel,[3] and was the editor of the German-language edition of "Champions", the official UEFA Champions League magazine,[4] for which he worked as a contributing editor until the publication's demise in 2015. Since 2002, he is a regular columnist for ESPN FC (formerly ESPNsoccernet),[5] which has been called the world's most popular football website. In September 2016, he joined the editorial staff of 11 Freunde magazine, Germany's biggest football monthly

      So far, Hesse has published nine books. "Tor! The Story of German Football" (2002)[6] was the first extensive English-language history of German football and has since been translated into Japanese, Danish and Polish. Two of his German-language books were nominated for the Football Book of the Year Award.[7]

      Hesse is a Borussia Dortmund season ticket holder. He has listed the novelty song "Jilted John" by Jilted John as his all-time favourite 7" A-side and the punk rock classic "Born to Lose" by the Heartbreakers as the greatest-ever 7" B-side.[8][8][9] For more than a decade he published as "Hesse-Lichtenberger", a name acquired through marriage. In October 2009 he went back to his birth name and now usually publishes as Uli Hesse.