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Anatomy of England: A History in Ten Matches

Autor/es: Wilson, Jonathan  

Publicación: Orion

Formato: 12x19cm

Lengua: Ingles

Nº de Páginas: 416

ISBN: 978-1409118206

 Having invented the game, everything that has followed for England and its national football team has been something of an anticlimax. There was, of course, the golden summer of 1966, and the great period of English dominance on the world stage, which fell roughly between 1886 and 1900, when England won 35 of their 40 internationals ...But before long foreign teams, with their insistence on progressive 'tactics', began to pose a few questions. And much of what followed for England constituted a series of false dawns. In THE ANATOMY OF ENGLAND Jonathan Wilson seeks to place the bright spots in context. Time and again, progressive coaches have been spurned by England - technique being all very well, but what really matters is pluck and 'organised muscularity', or, to quote Jimmy Hogan's chairman at Aston Villa in 1936: 'I've no time for these theories about football. Just get the ball in the bloody net.' Wilson takes ten key England fixtures and explores how what actually happened on the pitch shaped the future of the English game. Bursting with insight and critical detail, yet imbued with a wry affection, this is a history of England like none before. 

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    1. Wilson, Jonathan


      Es un periodista británico que colabora habitualmente con The Guardian, The Independent y World Soccer, y además edita la revista The Blizzard, sin dudas la más sofisticada de las que hoy se dedican al fútbol. Es autor de siete libros, entre ellos The Outsider: A History of the Goalkeeper, The Anatomy of England: A History in Ten Matches y Brian Clough: Nobody Ever Says Thank You. Esta historia de la táctica recibió el premio al libro de fútbol del año en los British Sports Book Awards y el Premio Antonio Ghirelli al mejor libro de fútbol editado en Italia en 2013. Asimismo, en 2012 Jonathan Wilson fue elegido el mejor escritor de fútbol por la Football Supporters Federation de Gran Bretaña.