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Autor/es: Russell, Gwen  

Publicación: 2011 - Blake Publishing

Formato: 16 X 24 - hard-back

Lengua: Inglés

Nº de Páginas: 298

ISBN: 9781843582984

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Soccer superstar and darling of the paparazzi, David Beckham has reached iconic status across the world for his achievements and exploits both on and off the field. This all-inclusive biography traces Beckham's incredible life starting from his early years playing for Manchester United at the age of 17 up to his present day success playing for Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy squad. Beckham’s successes on the field—he is the only player to score a goal in three different World Cups—are only matched by his public accomplishments. Aside from his lauded marriage to Victoria Beckham, he is also known for his support for UNICEF, his work as a goodwill ambassador for the charity, and for founding soccer academies in both Los Angeles and London. Although an injury sadly thwarted his dream of playing in the 2010 Finals, his status is such that he traveled with the England team to South Africa to act as a mentor. This is the inspiring story of an extremely talented and devoted man’s rise to the top and the complete portrait of soccer’s golden boy.


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    1. Russell, Gwen


      Gwen Russell

      Es un periodista y autora de gran éxito, que se especializa en el circuito de la celebridad. Ella se basa actualmente en Bath.